Yordong Gompa

It is 2 km from the Garjha Hill Sight Camp Belling Suitable For Hiking.

Shashur Monastery

Amidst the hilly terrains of the Himalaya rests a small and quaint Buddhist shrine called Shashur Monastery. The literal meaning of "Shahsur" is blue pines; it is completely compliments with the name of the monastery because it is surrounded by the blue pine trees which share shoulders with each other.

Kardang Monastery

It has been 900 years since the Kardang monastery was established in the foothills of the Himalaya. Kardang monastery is one of the oldest possession of Drukpa lineage. The monastery is historical because it is a part of Kardang village which was once the capital of Lahaul.

Trilokinath Temple

Triloknath temple is situated in Udaipur sub division of District Lahaul and Spiti of Himachal Pradesh . It is nearly 45 KM from Keylong , Distt Head Quarter of Lahaul and Spiti early 146 KM from Manali . Ancient name of Triloknath temple is Tunda vihar . . This is holy shrine is revered equally by Hindus and the Buddhists. Hindus consider Triloknath deity as ‘Lard Shiva’ while the Buddhists consider the deity as ‘ Arya Avalokiteshwar ‘ Tibetan language speaking people called him as ‘Garja Fagspa‘.

Gangstang Glacier

The Chandra and the Bhaga rivers are the main drainage lines of Lahaul. After their, confluence at Tandi, their combined waters constitute the Chandrabhaga or the Chenab river. In the Spiti sub-division, major river is Spiti river.The rivers are not associated with any myths or historical events; on the other hand gods-one in each case are supposed to reside at the various junctions of the important streams and all such places are named after these gods. Similarly Places where ancient bridges exist are also supposed to be the abodes of gods; these gods are propitiated by occasional, often annual, sacrifices of goats and sheep

Kora-Driburi Parikarma

If the landscape of Lahaul is believed to be a Mandala, a sacrosanct space signifying the cosmos, then the Drilbu Ri Mountain would be it’s center. Three great rivers forming the external corners of the Mandala whereas the circular periphery guarded by Guru Ghantal Gompa, Kardang Gompa, and Sila Caves.

Deepak Tal

The lake is a tiny lake at height approximately of twelve thousand and three hundred feet, roughly about fifty kilometers from Keylong on the Manali-Leh highway in Himachal Pradesh. The lake comes in between the way to Roatang Pass to Keylong.

Suraj Tal Lake

The name Himachal invokes the image of a dry area with arid mountain terrains, endless snow, alpine trees, green pastures and camps. But in the center of this sanctified place, there are numerous lakes with sterile blue water; Suraj Tal Lake is one such lake in Himachal Pradesh. Located at an elevation of 4950 m above sea level, the lake is considered as the third highest in India and the 21st highest in the world. Suraj Tal Lake shrugs its calmness in the months of summer.

Chandra Tal Trekking Tour

Chandra Tal is also known as "Moon Lake" is the source of the Chandra River. It was once a tentative place for traders from Tibet and Ladakh who went to Spiti and the Kullu valley, but today it attracts a large number of adventure enthusiasts from across the world. Located at an altitude of 4300 m, Chandra Tal Lake is just 6 kms away from the Kunzum Pass in Spiti and Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh state of India.

Baralacha Pass

A high mountain pass and stunning attraction of Ladakh,Bara-lacha Pass at the height of 16,040 feet is a part of the Jammu and Kashmir Zanskar region. It connects the three different mountain ranges of Himalaya - Pir Panjal, Zanskar and the Great Himalayas. The pass is of utmost importance for the motor bikers and mountain bikers as when they travel from Manali, Baralacha La Pass is an important gateway to reach Ladakh.

Bara Shigri Glacier

Bara Shigri is the largest glacier located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, Bara-Sigri glacier which is the second longest glacier in Himalaya after Gangotri, both are around 30 km long. The glacier is located in the Chandra Valley of Lahaul. The glacier feeds the Chenab River.